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R.O Membranes

The Leader in Reverse Osmosis
B K Enterprises offers a full line of high-quality reverse osmosis elements for light commercial and point of use drinking water markets, delivering superior product water consistent performance.

Our membranes are ideal for a wide range of light industrial and commercial applications, including vending machines for self-service distilled and drinking water, and car washes for spot free rinse and wash water recycling.

Manufacturers of residential point of use systems rely on BK Enterprise to provide the highest level of water purity and trouble free performance available.

  • High Productivity Applications
  • Seawater Applications
  • High Fouling Applications
  • High Performance Nanofiltration

R O Membranes

RO membranes will reject dissolved and suspended materials including monovalent salts. Since essentially all dissolved and suspended material is rejected by the membrane, the RO permeate is pure water.