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Pressure Boosting Systems

Pressure Booster System provides excellent performance for pressure boosting in bungalow schemes apartment complexes, multi storey buildings, hotels, hospitals, industries, schools etc. It is economical to operate and are reliable & flexible, to guarantee comfort & performance. Ideal for pressure boosting without overhead tanks. Constant pressure at all taps..

Torrium control means the pump starts as soon as you switch on the tap and stays running until the water is no longer required. This eliminates the uncomfortable pressure fluctuations common with conventional booster systems. Each Low Water Pressure Booster System no longer needs a compact pressure tank to keep pressure up with the new Torrium control.

Increase your water pressure today with one of our low water pressure booster systems!

Pressure Boosting System

Pressure Booster Systems employ the latest technology for maximum pump protection. Our Hydro Pneumatic Pressure Boosting Systems, Hydro Pressure Systems, Hydro Pressure Booster System consists of an automatic pressure controlled pump