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Dewatering Pumps

We manufacture submersible de-watering pumps that have a vertical mono block design and pump at bottom and motor on top. Our electric motor is sealed, wound land have a surface air cooled motor. Our dewatering pumps come in following applications:

  • Waste water.Sump drainage.
  • Flood control.
  • Dewatering for fish pond or basement.

We offer high quality Dewatering Pumps to our clients. These products are available in a range from 0.5 HP to 225 HP and are applicable for all liquids. They pumps comprises of jet pumps, end suction centrifugal pumps, liquid ring pumps, horizontal, vertical multi stage pumps, self priming swimming pool pumps, self priming -centrifugal pumps with open impeller and self draining whirlpool. They are available in different specifications like range 0.2 Liters/hour to 60,000 Liters/hour Peristaltic they are available in 4 models also have a power stabilizer, LED indicator, electro magnetic and motor pumps. Our range also comprises of portable dewatering pumps, submersible pumps - bore well, pressure boosting sets, sewage, gear pumps, drainage, multistage submersible clean water pumps and sand. 

The types of pumps offered by us are mentioned below:

  • Close coupled centrifugal pumps, End suction centrifugal pumps
  • Horizontal & vertical multi stage pumps, Self draining whirlpool & self priming swimming pool pumps
  • Self priming -centrifugal pumps with open impeller / liquid ring pumps / jet pumps
  • Submersible pumps - Bore well, Sewage, Drainage, Sand, Portable dewatering pumps
  • Multistage submersible clean water pumps, Gear pumps, Pressure boosting sets
Thermal overload protector :
  • Equipped with Automatic reset motor protector, prevents motor from burning due to high temperature/phase failure/ voltage drop and lock impeller.

    Sewage Pumps

We are pump manufacturers of Sewage Submersible Pumps,Centrifugal Process Pumps,Submersible Pumps,Dewatering Pumps ( Polder Pumps ) ,Openwell Submersible


  • Drainage of sewage from the building basements, hotel industry, waste water from factories.
  • Drainage of sewage from industrial process factories.
  • Emptying fo septic tanks, cesspits and sewage pump stations.
  • Pumping surface and drainage water from garages and sprinkler systems.


Dewatering pumps

Our centrifugal pumps are associated with characteristics like Higher Efficiency, Minimum variation, Long Life, Designed to Prevent Overloading, Dynamically Balanced Parts etc.